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Welcome to Your Art World, where 3 to 18-years-olds are challenged to make and share their art. Send us your art, on any theme, or try one of the challenges below. 

Your art can be 2D, 3D, film, audio or writing.


Stuck for inspiration? Young people across Scotland have created challenges to get your creative cogs turning. Use the word or picture below as a starting point for making your art, or come up with your own theme.

Word challenge

Create something inspired by the word PLAY.

Play is a word that has lots of meanings. What does it mean to you? Maybe you play games, an instrument, or a sport? Play is an important part of the creative process: artists play with materials and techniques to come up with new ideas. Your art can be 2D, 3D, video, audio or creative writing.


These videos can help you on your way to finding your visual voice or to discover new techniques to experiment with.

Find your visual voice

Art is not just for decoration. Art can help you communicate ideas and issues that matter to you. This short film suggests three techniques to help you identify what is important in your world and communicate it visually.

Artist videos

Looking for more inspiration? Explore this video playlist to discover how different artists go about making art.

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How to experiment

You can make art from anything. Check out this video playlist to get ideas and start experimenting.

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Your Art

Here is some of your art from the previous and current challenges.

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Your Art World terms and conditions and privacy notice