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Reproducing our images

If you are interested in reproducing one of our artworks you first need to determine whether you require a non-commercial use (personal use) or commercial use license.

You can now download many images of our artworks from our website, for personal (non-commercial) use free of charge. We offer two non-commercial use licenses which are described in the below table. 

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Non-commercial: Lower resolution "share" image

On artwork record pages, images of artworks are available at a resolution of 600 pixels width. You can download a version of this image from the record page by right-clicking the image and selecting Save As. The image saved contains a banner at the bottom of the artwork information and its copyright holder.

Images of works where copyright has expired or where a copyright holder has agreed to release the image are available for you to use under the terms of the CC-BY-NC 3.0 License. These images will include the text "Creative Commons - CC by NC" at the bottom of their banner.

Read more about CC by NC


Non-commercial: Higher resolution "download" image

We also provide higher resolution images to download of copyright expired works and works where the copyright holder has agreed to allow this. If the image is available, the download button will be enabled:

You will need to create a free user account for the National Galleries of Scotland website before you can download these images. These images are made available under a Personal, non-commercial use agreement between the user and National Galleries Scotland.

National Galleries of Scotland define the following uses of National Galleries of Scotland imagery and text as non-commercial activity:

  • Use in free educational lectures and classes
  • Use on an individual or group’s website discussing the artwork in question (where the individual or group is promoting themselves commercially this use will not be permitted)
  • Use on websites that are primarily information led, research orientated and non-commercial, for example Wikipedia
  • Use on personal social media accounts (where the individual is promoting themselves commercially this use will not be permitted)
  • Layout for reference for publishing projects
  • Thesis papers (under 10 copies)

There are, of course, the statutory exceptions to copyright that may also apply in certain situations.  It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy themselves that an exception (such as fair dealing criticism and review, quotation, or reporting a current event) applies.  

Where possible users should credit the image with artist name, title of work, National Galleries of Scotland, and link back to the artwork page on this website.


Commercial use

If the above licenses do not cover your non-commercial use requirements or if you require a commercial license, please use the webform below to tell us your requirements.

The National Galleries of Scotland define commercial use as where use of the content will work towards a commercial advantage or monetary gain – making a profit or covering costs.

As well as obvious commercial activities such as merchandise production, publications that are sold, advertisements and commercial promotions in films and on TV, the following uses of National Galleries of Scotland images are regarded as commercial activities:

  • Use online or in print by commercial organisations, including Trading Companies for Charities
  • Uses by University Presses in Publications (print/online)
  • Within Promotional Material connected with commercial events
  • On an individual’s website which adds value to their business for promotional purposes or offering a service to third parties
  • Unsolicited use by news media
  • Compilations of past exam papers
  • Use by commercial galleries and auction houses
  • Thesis papers (over 10 copies and being published for sale)
  • Any product/service use where a fee is charged for purchasing the product/service

Under charity law, conflicts can arise when one charity is seen as assisting another.

Therefore National Galleries of Scotland needs to treat other charities (and their trading arms) as if they were “commercial” organisations.


View the Orphan Works list and take down policy

Image reproduction application form

Please fill in the below form to apply for commercial use of our images as well as non-commercial use not covered by our personal use license agreement.

If your request contains mulitple uses please add these uses to the comments field in order for a quote for image use to be made.

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Collection image licensing

Include our Collection images as part of your own range and help to support the work of Scotland's National Art Collection.

We currently have a growing number of licenses in the UK covering greeting cards, stationery, art gifts and homeware, to working in an ethical and sustainable way and are excited by the quality of images and the vision of the National Galleries of Scotland.

Work with us to expand a range with images from an impressive Scottish and decorative art collection.

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Copyright & Image Licensing

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