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We are the National Galleries of Scotland. We look after the national collection of art and we would like you to visit our galleries when you can, but we would also like you to be able to look at and learn about the artworks in the collection wherever you are.

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What is this?

This notice explains how and why we will collect and use information about you when you take part in Your Art World. Your parent, guardian or teacher should read this too. We might change this notice now and again, but the most recent version will always be on our website.

What information do we collect about you and what do we do with it?

If you would like to enter your artwork to Your Art World, we need some information about you. This information is also called your ‘personal data’.

If you are aged 13 or older, you can give us this information yourself when you send us a photo of your artwork through the online form and you can give us permission (which is also known as ‘consent’) to use your information for the reasons we explain in this notice. 

If you are under 13, or if you would prefer an adult to submit your entry for you, they can fill in this information and give your permission for us to use your information on your behalf.

We need to know:

  • Your first name
  • Your age
  • The title of your artwork or the category entered
  • The name of the school you go to
  • The name of your teacher (if they are sending us your artwork)

We will use these details to run Your Art World including displaying your artwork with your name, online or in a gallery. We might include your name in a list of artists featured in a display or on display labels, and we may produce some certificates and other materials to celebrate your involvement in Your Art World.

We’ll also need an email address so that we can contact you. This might be your own email address if you’re aged 13 or older, or it might be your teacher’s, or you might need to ask a parent or guardian if you can use theirs.

We will only contact you if we need to. This might be because we want to do something else with your artwork, like make postcards to sell, or because we want to include your artwork in a gallery display. Someone might even want to buy your artwork, but we would ask you first!

Even if your teacher doesn’t submit your artwork to Your Art World, we would still like to know which school you go to. That’s so we know where Your Art World members come from< and we can work out how to get more people involved in future.

Some of the things we do with your information are covered by the rules of Your Art World, which you should look at before you enter (these are the ‘terms and conditions’). We use your information so that we can follow the rules too. This is known as a ‘contract’.

If a teacher sends us your entry, they will make sure that you, and your parent or carer, are happy for you to enter and share your details with us.

If you want to, you can tell us a bit about your artwork. We will share the information you give us online beside your artwork. We only have space to share a few sentences so please don’t write more than that. If you do we will shorten it.

Who sees my data?

A few people who work at the National Galleries of Scotland or do work for us will see your information to help us manage Your Art World. We sometimes use companies to do different things for us, like provide the online form for entries, and to create certificates. We will make sure that anyone who needs to use your information looks after it.

All artworks submitted to Your Art World will appear in our online gallery so people can see them from anywhere in the world. They will also see your first name, and your description of the artwork, if given.

How long will we keep your data?

We will only keep your data for a short while, until we no longer need it. This will be 2 years at most.

What are your rights?

Information about you is your personal information, and you have all the same rights with regard to your information as adults do, no matter how old you are. 

For example, you can ask us to stop using your information or you can ask us to correct information if we’ve got it wrong.

Find out about all of these rights

If you want to know more about how to use your rights over the information we hold about you contact Kathryn, our Data Protection Officer by email at [email protected].

If you are unhappy with something we’ve done with your information, you can make a complaint. Our Data Protection Officer can help you with this.