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Nineteeth Century Scottish Painting
with Patricia Allerston Deputy Director and Chief Curator

This tour gives you an insight into some of the highlights of this part of the collection, including work by artists such as William McTaggart, Phoebe Anna Traquair, Arthur Melville and James Patterson. The nineteenth century was a hugely important century in the development of Scottish art.

This gallery is unfortunately not open at the moment due to restrictions, but we hope that you will enjoy this tour of the space.

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Impressionism and Post Impressionism
with Frances Fowle, Curator of French art at the National Galleries of Scotland

Frances Fowle introduces our display of Impressionism and Post Impressionism at the Scottish National Gallery. The display is currently closed to visitors but this tour gives you an insight into some of the Impressionist and Post Impressionist collection highlights. Artworks introduced by Frances include those by Camille Pissaro, Berthe Morisot, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat.

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Dada and Surrealism
with Patrick Elliot, Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland

Patrick Elliot, Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland, introduces our display Beyond Realism: Dada and Surrealism at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. This tour gives you an insight into some of the Dada and Surrealist collection highlights. Artworks introduced by Patrick include those by Man Ray, Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí, Rene Magritte and Leonora Carrington.

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Questions about Art

In this new series of six films we'll explore some frequent musings about art - using questions asked by our audiences. What makes a painting iconic? Why aren't there more female artists? Why can’t I touch artworks when I'm in a gallery?

Why are there so few female artists?
Part of the Questions about Art series

The ten most expensive paintings in history were painted by men. And of the $196 billion spent on art at auction in the last decade, women accounted for only 2% of sales. So why are so few female artists represented in the world of art?

Why can't I touch art?
Part of the Questions about Art series

If you’ve ever seen a painting behind glass, or a barrier in front of a sculpture, you might have wondered, ‘why can’t I touch that?’ So why can’t you touch art? And as the world of art constantly evolves, is this changing?

Inspiring collections

Inspiring collections

New acquistions

This collection presents some of the works acquired in recent years, including painting, works on paper and photography.

Scottish art

In this collection, you can explore a selection of highlights from our collection of Scottish art.


The National Galleries of Scotland has over 96,000 objects in its collection. We have selected just a few of these for you to enjoy.

MacKinnon Collection

This unique collection of Scottish photography represents Scottish life and identity from the 1840s through the 1940s – a century of dramatic transformation and innovation. 


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Reviewing our collection content

As part of our commitment to equality, we are undertaking a review of the national art collection in relation to colonialism, slavery and their legacies. New content, in gallery and online, is being developed over the coming months in light of this research and will remain an ongoing project. If you see content that you think should be reviewed as part of this work, please email us. All suggestions will be considered. We are currently unable to give a timescale for when any agreed changes will be made but we will do it as soon as we can.

From our archive

From our archive

Delve in to our archive to uncover extraordinary art treasures.


A look at astonishing works by Marie Čermínová (1902-1980), more famously known as Toyen.

La Dame Ovale

A look at a livre d’artiste written by the Surrealist painter, poet and author Leonora Carrington, and illustrated by Max Ernst.

Surrealist Argentinian playing cards

A deck of playing cards crafted by the Argentinian painter, designer, illustrator and author, Leonor Fini.

Artist book of proverbs

We take a look at a fascinating artist book of proverbs from around the world by Linda K. Johnson.