Union reflects on how present-day Highlanders consider their identities to be moulded by the Act of Union of 1707.  Led by artist Kevin Reid, soldiers from the Black Watch, ex-servicemen, History students from University of the Highlands and Islands and pupils from Millburn Academy, Inverness, created individual medals to represent their personal histories. Inspired by Jacobite and Hanoverian medals on display in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery exhibition Imagining Power: The Visual Culture of the Jacobite Cause, these symbolic emblems, forged in a mobile foundry in Fort George, the impregnable Highland military fortress built by George II after the Battle of Culloden, and in the foundry at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire, reflect the participants’ exploration of their sense of national and local identity.

Pupils from Keith Grammar School also contributed to the project, working with Knockando Woolmill to create a woven woollen flag.  The flag’s colours reflect their sense of cultural and personal belonging in relation to the United Kingdom, the landscape and their rural community.

Short videos featuring both parts of the project are embedded below alongside the Union section of Daniel Warren’s film and images from the project.

Union was produced in partnership with Historic Scotland, High Life Highland, The National Trust for Scotland’s Culloden Battlefield and Knockando Woolmill, Morayshire.

The Nation//Live - UNION

Artist Kevin Reid worked with contemporary highlanders to create new metal medals based on Jacobite and Hanoverian medals from the national collection of art.

Directed by Daniel Warren.

Union is the second part of The Nation//Live Outreach project.

[Duration 11:14]


Millburn Academy at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop 

  • The Nation//Live – Union: Scottish Sculpture Workshop
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In November 2012, pupils from Millburn Academy, Inverness, visited the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire as part of the National Galleries of Scotland's Community Outreach project, The Nation//Live – Union.

Working with artist Kevin Reid, they produced medals and banners influenced by Hanoverian and Jacoobite medals currently on display in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

[Duration 3:05]


Knockando Woolmill and Keith Grammar

Scratch film made with young people as they created thread wraps at Keith Grammar and Knockando Woolmill as part of The Nation//Live Union project.

[Duration 3:22]


Images from the project