Working alongside artists and art historians in the gallery space is a wonderful way to encourage pupils and teachers to think creatively and independently.

Tours usually focus on four or five artworks enabling visitors to explore the work fully through investigation, gallery-based activities and lively discussion.

Please book four weeks in advance

European Union schools are eligible for two free guided tours for up to 33 pupils within the current school year, thereafter there will be a charge of £40 per group of 33. International schools are not eligible for free guided tours and will be charged £40 for up to 33 pupils.

All EU Universities/International Universities will be charged £40 for a guided tour of up to 33 students

To book your visit, please fill in the booking form for Formal Education Groups below.



Tours for pre-school children; taking a fun approach to looking at art, children will learn how to explore and interact with selected artworks in a variety of exciting and stimulating ways.

This tour is 45 minutes in duration.

Developing Critical Responses to Art

Explore the collection through interactive drawing exercises to encourage observation, discussion as well as providing students with a fuller understanding of the art on display.

Eduardo Paolozzi

Explore the influences, processes, techniques and breadth of art works produced by the late, great, Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi. This tour focuses on Paolozzi's studio reconstruction and selected works of art at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two.

Eye Spy

Taking a fun approach to looking at art, children will learn to investigate the ideas and stories hidden within a painting. Using a variety of sensory approaches and props, parents, teachers and children will be encouraged to explore the gallery and respond to selected artworks. These gallery-based sessions have been designed to assist the 3-5 curriculum.

This tour is 45 minutes in duration.

Highlights tour

Led by gallery educators, discover some of the highlights in the collection at the Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery or Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art during this introductory visit.

Lively discussion and activities are encouraged!


Explore the rich and varied landscapes in the Scottish National Gallery's collection and examine different techniques that artists have used to produce them.


Stories in Art

Every picture has a story to tell, using selected works groups are encouraged to explore the stories through artists’ clues.