Shand Hutchison Fish Fence About 1953 © The Estate of Shand Hutchison


Born 1920
Died 2015
Nationality Scottish

Shand Hutchison was a well-known figure in Scottish Art. He began his studies at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). However, like many students at this time, his education was interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War. He returned to ECA in 1946 and following several scholarships abroad, he graduated in 1949. He then attended Moray House College of Education before working as an art teacher in the 1950s. In the sixties, Hutchison began lecturing at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University, as well as teaching a life drawing class at ECA. At this time he also became involved in television work. His work often looks to the landscape of East Lothian where he grew up, creating at times surreal explorations of the animate within the inanimate.