Richard Dadd Sir Alexander Morison, 1779 - 1866. Alienist 1852


Born 1819
Died 1887
Nationality English
Birth place Chatham
Death place Berkshire

Born in Kent, Richard Dadd went on to study at the Royal Academy Schools, London. During a ten-month long trip around Europe and the Middle East with Welsh lawyer, Thomas Phillips, his mental health began to deteriorate. In 1843, suffering from a form of schizophrenia, he killed his father, believing him to be the devil. Dadd fled to France and attempted a second murder before he was arrested. He spent the remainder of his life in mental institutions. Encouraged by his doctors, Dadd produced a great number of his works while at Bethlem and Broadmoor hospitals. He often depicted fantasy scenes featuring fairies, a popular theme in Britain during this time. Dadd painted in meticulous detail, his works regularly taking years to complete.