Richard D. Willson Tony Blair, b. 1953. Prime Minister; Donald Dewar, 1937 - 2000. Secretary of State and First Minister for Scotland; Alex Salmond, b. 1954. Leader... 1998 © Estate of Richard D Willson / Times Newspapers


Born 1939
Died 2011
Nationality Scottish

Richard David Willson was born in London and studied architecture at Kingston School of Art and graphic design at Epsom School of Art. From 1968 until 1971 Willson worked as a caricaturist on 'The Observer' before moving to 'The Times'. He has also worked as a freelance illustrator and caricaturist for various newspapers and magazines, including 'The Washington Post', 'New Statesman', 'Financial Weekly' and 'New Scientist'. His characteristic style of precise hatching and large heads on small bodies shows the influence of New York caricaturist David Levine. Willson was also said to admire the work of nineteenth-century French artist Honoré Daumier, who became famous for his social caricatures of the French bourgeoisie.