Peter Rose Pulham Horse's Skull, Sphere and Moon 1941 © The Estate of the Artist


Born 1910
Died 1956
Nationality English
Birth place Hampstead
Death place French

Pulham studied to become an architect, but by the early 1930s he was working as a photographer, producing work for Harper’s Bazaar. He moved between London and Paris in the 1930s, making a celebrated series of photographs of Picasso in 1938 and becoming involved with the French Surrealists. He took up painting in the late 1930s and returned to live in London just before the outbreak of the Second World War. A German bomb hit his studio in Old Church Street, Chelsea, in 1941, destroying many of his surrealist works. During the war he became a close friend of Francis Bacon and David Sylvester. After the war, when his work became heavily influenced by Bacon, he continued to make contributions to Lilliput magazine and published a number of articles on photography.