Paul Delvaux L'Appel de la Nuit [The Call of the Night] 1938 © Paul Delvaux Foundation - St. Idesbald. DACS, London 2022.


Born 1897
Died 1994
Nationality Belgian

The Belgian artist Delvaux studied architecture and painting in Brussels. He experimented with painting in an expressionist style but turned to Surrealism after seeing a surrealist exhibition in 1934. Delvaux was not a formal member of the surrealist movement and did not participate in group activities. However, he was well respected by the members of the group, including its leader André Breton. Delvaux's style changed little from the 1930s until his death in 1994. His characteristic works consist of nude or semi-nude women (similar or identical in appearance) in inappropriate or fantastical settings. Skeletons and trams are two of the recurring motifs in Delvaux's paintings.