Jan Weenix Landscape with a Huntsman and Dead Game (Allegory of the Sense of Smell) 1697


Born about 1642
Died 1719
Nationality Dutch
Birth place Amsterdam
Death place Amsterdam

Weenix is best known for his large still-life and game pieces, which he frequently combined with landscapes. He probably trained with his father, who specialised in genre scenes and landscapes. Weenix worked in an Italianate style and widened his choice of subjects to include harbour scenes. By 1675 he had moved with his family to Amsterdam and he began to concentrate on still-life, especially with dead game (known as hunting or trophy pieces), which were favoured by aristocratic patrons. From 1702-1714 Weenix produced twelve very large paintings for the Elector Palatine’s hunting lodge at the Schloss Bensberg near Cologne.