Hannah Hoch

(1889 - 1978)
Hannah Hoch Aus der Sammlung: Aus einem ethnographischen Museum [From the collection: From an ethnographical museum] 1929 © DACS 2017.


Born in Gotha, Germany, Höch studied in Berlin where she later worked as a designer for a publishing firm from 1916 to 1926. She met the future Dada artist Raoul Hausmann in 1915 and through him, subsequently, became involved with the Berlin dada group. Although she made abstract paintings, Höch is best known for producing satirical and disturbing photomontages. These focus on the situation in Weimar Germany from a woman's perspective, combining political commentary, gender issues, questions of modernity and a critique of the bourgeoisie.

Glossary terms

  • A radical artistic and literary movement that was a reaction against the cultural climate that supported the First World War. The Dadaists took an anti-establishment attitude, questioning art's status and favouring performance and collage over traditional art techniques. Many Dadaists went on to become involved with Surrealism.

  • The combination of two or more photographs (or pieces of them) to form a single image.