Giovanni Battista Tiepolo The Finding of Moses Probably early 1730s


Born 1696
Died 1770
Nationality Italian
Birth place Venice
Death place Madrid

Tiepolo was the outstanding Venetian artist of the eighteenth century. Many of his best works - large, light- filled, colourful and imaginative frescoes, have survived on the walls and ceilings of the villas and palaces for which they were painted. His fluid, rapid style made possible his prolific output, which featured, as well as decorative frescoes, large altarpieces and small canvases and drawings. He was also a talented print-maker. Tiepolo was elected first President of the Venetian Painters' Academy in 1755. Prestigious commissions outside Venice included frescoes for the Prince-Bishop's Residenz at Wurzburg and for Charles III's palace in Madrid.