George Henry

Scottish (1858 - 1943)
George Henry Geisha Girl 1894


Born 1858
Died 1943
Nationality Scottish

Henry's paintings include depictions of striking landscapes, symbolic folk tales, Japanese themes and society portraits. Born in Ayrshire, he studied at the Glasgow School of Art and joined the circle of painters known as the Glasgow Boys. His friendship with Edward Atkinson Hornel led to some collaborative work and they were among the first British artists to visit Japan, traveling there together in 1893. On their return in 1895 Henry's compositions reflected the impact of this visit but he concentrated on the more lucrative painting of portraits and established a successful studio in London.

Glossary terms

  • A loose grouping of painters working in Glasgow in the late 19th century. Though there was no overall style or formal membership, they did exhibit together and shared an interest in rural scenes. Artists included John Lavery, Joseph Crawhall and James Guthrie.