Gaspare Vanvitelli Italian Landscape Unknown Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture collections, David Laing Bequest (on loan to the Scottish National Gallery)


Born 1653
Died 1736
Nationality Dutch
Birth place Amersfoort, Utrecht
Death place Rome

Caspar van Wittel, or Gaspare Vanvitelli as he was known in Italy, is regarded as the father of Italian vedute or view painting. Born and trained in Amersfoort, Rome was the base for most his career. Vanvitelli’s works were in high demand and he also worked in Florence, Bologna, Ferrara, Venice and Naples, and for British patrons. He married Anna Lorenzani (1669–1736), the daughter of a successful brass founder, collector and writer, in 1697. He seems to have painted little after 1724 when his eyesight deteriorated and died on 13 September 1736 in Rome, followed by Anna just three months later.