Born 1923
Died 1971
Nationality American
Birth place New York City
Death place New York City

Diane Arbus is one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. Born in New York City, she was working as a fashion photographer before she began to pursue an artistic career. Arbus made portraits of people from across society, but is best known for her powerful images of people whose situation or choices in life kept them on the margins of society – such as circus and freak show performers, transsexuals, nudists or the mentally handicapped. Her photography is marked by her bold, direct style – people appear exposed with a revealing, often unsettling, honesty. Arbus was featured in only one major exhibition, the seminal ‘New Documents’ show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1967, before her death in 1971.


ARTIST ROOMS Self Evidence | Photographs by Woodman, Arbus and Mapplethorpe
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