Charles Rennie Mackintosh Mont Alba About 1924 - 1927


Born 1868
Died 1928
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Glasgow
Death place London

Glasgow-born Mackintosh is a major figure in the art nouveau movement. One of the most original and influential artists of his time, his instantly recognisable style avoided the floral ornament often associated with that movement. Primarily known as an architect (his greatest achievement is the Glasgow School of Art building), he was concerned with aspects of interior design and also painted watercolours. Mackintosh was well respected, above all on the Continent, for his innovation. He was a vocal critic of the dominant architectural style of his time, when buildings were frequently made to imitate the architecture of the past.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms

Art Nouveau

A decorative art style popular in Europe and North America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It is characterised by stylised flowing lines of all kinds, most notably the distinctive “whiplash” curve, which was used to illustrate many forms including tendrils, plant stems, flames, waves and flowing hair.