Bruce Bernard Lucian Freud in his Studio, 25 February 2000 2000 © Estate of Bruce Bernard


Born 1928
Died 2000
Nationality English

Bruce Bernard is best known for his work as Picture Editor on the Sunday Times magazine during the 1970s, and as an influential writer on art and photography. He studied at St Martin’s School of Art and although he did not complete his course, he developed the art knowledge and critical faculties which became central to his later career. In the 1950s, Bernard frequented the bohemian haunts of London’s Soho with his journalist brother Jeffrey Bernard, mixing with artists and writers. During this time he became friends with many artists, including Michael Andrews, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, who were to feature in a series of photographs showing artists in their studios. Most of Bernard’s photographs were taken during the last twenty years of his life, from 1980.