Braco Dimitrijević Casual Passer-by I met at 4.57 pm, Edinburgh 1975 1975 © Braco Dimitrijević


Born 1948
Nationality Bosnian
Birth place Sarajevo

Born in Sarajevo in 1948, Dimitrijević studied at Zagreb Academy of Art followed by St. Martin’s School of Art, London. The accidental and the everyday were always of interest to him and he first came to prominence in the early 1970s with his ‘Casual Passer-By’ series in which he photographed anonymous people and displayed their portrait, billboard size, in a public space – elevating them to a level normally reserved for celebrities or historical figures. His work has continued to develop in this manner with monuments to passers-by, memorial plaques, and a ‘Triptychos Post Historicus’ series, where he combines original works of art with everyday objects and food, creating bizarre and somewhat surreal installations. Dimitrijević currently lives and works in Paris.