Beatrice Huntington A Muleteer from Andalucia About 1923 © The William Syson Foundation


Born 1889
Died 1988
Nationality Scottish
Birth place St Andrews
Death place Edinburgh

Beatrice Huntington was born in St Andrews, Fife. In 1906 she moved to Paris before studying drawing in Munich at the art school run by Heinrich Knirr. She settled in London in 1914 and then after the First World War returned to St Andrews and studied in Dundee under William Macdonald. They married in 1925 and held a joint exhibition in Dundee in 1928. Their son Julius was born in 1929, the year in which they moved into a flat on Hanover Street, Edinburgh, where they lived for the rest of their lives. They spent much time in France and Spain, as well as in Canada where one of Huntington’s sisters lived. The couple became friends with S. J. Peploe with whom they holidayed in Cassis and Kirkcudbright and with F.C.B. Cadell. Huntington is best known as a portrait painter. She became a member of the Society of Scottish Artist in 1920, and was most active professionally during the 1930s and 1940s. During this period she exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Glasgow Institute and the Royal Scottish Academy. She died in Edinburgh, aged ninety-nine.