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Lane’s work of the early 1990s explored the traces and imprints people leave behind, such as footprints, fingerprints and wax casts of body parts. She later produced a series of digitally-altered photographs of wild animals combined with domestic interiors. In 2003, Lane launched the design company ‘Showroom Dummies’. Lane was born in Penzance and studied at Bristol Polytechnic and Goldsmiths College, London. While at Goldsmiths she co-curated the influential ‘Freeze’ exhibition with Damien Hirst, and is often associated with the Young British Artists group.

Abigail Lane (born 1967) is an English artist who works in photography, wax casting, printing and sound. Lane was one of the exhibitors in the 1988 Damien Hirst-led Freeze exhibition—a mixed show of art which was significant in the development of the later-to-be YBA scene of art.

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Lane's work deals with the presentations of bodily traces as forensic evidence, creating crime scenes with sculptures of human body parts and other clues arranged for the viewer to solve the mystery.

ID: 500057415

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