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Anne Redpath

Erbalunga, Corsica

  • Erbalunga, Corsica
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About this artwork

This is one of several paintings Redpath completed after travelling in Corsica in 1955. It shows her increasing use of the palette knife and layering of bright colours in an expressive response to the character of the town. While in Corsica her palette expanded to include the violets and scarlets she found on the island’s hillsides. It also demonstrates her developing interest in the forces of nature and how they affected the landscape and its inhabitants. She contrasts the wind-swept trees on the battered shoreline with the strength and permanence suggested by the houses. Redpath commented that she "would exaggerate the buttress quality of the building… then therefore it looked as if it was growing out of the hill".

Updated before 2020

Anne Redpath (1895 - 1965) Scottish
Erbalunga, Corsica
About 1955
Oil on hardboard
Framed: 80.50 x 95.70 x 6 cm
Object type:
Credit line:
Scott Hay Collection: presented 1967
Accession number:
GMA 1059
In Storage
The sea Travel Edinburgh School
Artwork photographed by:
Antonia Reeve

True colours

Anne Redpath

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