Rough Cut Nation

  • 7th − 30th August 2009 | 12-5pm Tue, Wed & Sun. 12-8pm Thu, Fri, Sat. Closed Mon. (Scottish National Portrait Gallery) | Free


The opening of the show is not the end of its evolution: the walls will continue to be added to and transformed by the artists themselves and, at certain points, through participation by visitors to the gallery. This strong collaborative element is, in part, informed by the ethos of much street art and graffiti, and the project, with its ever-changing nature, provides a potent motif for a movement that thrives on new ideas.

The installation is unusual in that wall space is not clearly divided up between the artists. Instead the artists are free to weave their images together, creating a collage effect in which different styles and disciplines overlap to create exciting new works and fresh ideas.

Interaction has been integral to sourcing images for the installation. Artists worked closely with the subjects of their pieces, entering into a dialogue with them to ensure fair representation. In creating these relationships another aspect of collaboration entered the installation: that between the artists and the public.