Remembering the Great War

  • 4th August 2014 − 29th May 2016 | Scottish National Portrait Gallery | Admission free

This exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Thought-provoking and poignant, and encompassing famous Scots as well as far less well-known figures, it makes a major contribution to this year's global commemorations.

Largely drawn from works in the National Galleries of Scotland collections, the exhibition includes a rich variety of portraits and related works in various media. Among those featured are Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig: James Keir Hardie who opposed British involvement in the war; Dr Elsie Inglis who took a team of Scottish nurses to Serbia; artists Sir James Gunn and Sir William Gillies who were wounded in action;  James Maxton who organized a ship-workers’ strike during the war; J S Haldane who invented the gas mask, and Harry Lauder who entertained  troops at the Front, who wrote the morale-boosting anthem ‘Keep Right on to the End of the Road’, and whose only son was killed in France on Boxing Day, 1916.

It provides a significant opportunity for a large number of people to learn about the devastating impact of the First World War and its consequences, and specifically about the key role that Scotland and the Scottish people played.

Remembering the Great War is part of the the First World War Centenary Partnership