NGS Around Town

Artworks from the National Galleries of Scotland are stepping off the walls and onto the mean streets of Edinburgh with NGS Around Town. This pilot programme will see custom prints of artworks within the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) collection installed in local businesses around Stockbridge, for everyone to enjoy.

Golden Hare Books

68 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge

Sir David Wilkie (1785 - 1841)
Seated Lady Reading a Book, date unknown

Golden Hare will be showing a custom print of Sir David Wilkie’s expressive Seated Lady Reading a Book. Although we do not know who the sitter is or exactly when the drawing was made, Seated Lady Reading a Book is a characteristic example of Wilkie’s drawing style at its most fluid and extravagant. Long, looping ink strokes capture the sitter’s voluminous sleeves and full skirts, while her downturned features are finely drawn. Wilkie tended to use pen and ink for spontaneous sketches and developing ideas for compositions, whereas he would use coloured chalks for a more deliberate, in-depth exploration of a motif.

If you would like to see this drawing (and many more) in our Prints & Drawings Study Room, email [email protected].

Golden Hare Books, 68 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge


22 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge

Robert Burns (1869 – 1941)
The Hunt (previously known as Diana and Her Nymphs), about 1926

Lovecrumbs will show a custom print of Robert Burns’ fantastical The Hunt. The vibrant colours and patterns of this panel provide an exotic jungle-like setting for the Greek goddess Diana, and her nymphs. The panel is filled with exuberant rhythm and energy characteristic of 1920s design. It was created as part of the ambitious first floor decoration for Crawford's Tea Rooms at 70 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Lovecrumbs, 22 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge

Smith and Gertrude

26 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge

Eduardo Paolozzi (1924 - 2005)
Wittgenstein in New York from As Is When, 1965
Portfolio of twelve screenprints, poster and text on paper
Each print printed with individual colourway

Wittgenstein in New York from a series of screenprints by Edinburgh’s own Eduardo Paolozzi will take up residence in Smith and Gertrude. This suite of twelve images, poster and text panel was the first screenprint series of the Pop Art period. Based on the life and writings of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, As Is When ranges from episodes in the life of Wittgenstein to pure abstraction.

Smith and Gertrude, 26 Hamilton Place, Stockbridge

Custom prints

These artworks and many more from our collection can be ordered as high-quality custom print reproductions – framed or mounted and dispatched to you within 14 working days for as little as £7.99 plus postage.

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