Kim Macpherson


A Different Kind of Mask

While I was on furlough and shielding our team at work started up a Thursday social where we could all (furloughed and non-furloughed) catch up and not talk shop. After a couple of these we decided we needed a quiz and a theme, as it was a little awkward to start with. We have now had about 20 socials with themes/quizzes varying from Wimbledon, Literature, Hallowe’en, and Pantomime. Our last one of this year is a Nativity, but we will continue into 2021. I have thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and seeing many of my colleagues every week in less serious meetings. I am also extremely competitive, so the quizzes have exercised the little grey cells.

I am hopeful for a different, better world than the one before the pandemic. Slower, kinder, and less stressful.