Life Sized Circle

Ruth Weston



The weekend before lockdown, we sat under The Tree and I painted my first watercolour,
the blue-green crags, with obligatory seagulls.
It was sunny but I stopped early, needed to clean,

not knowing
it was the weekend before lockdown.

Weeks later, we renamed The Tree ‘Jim’
and the grass beneath turned to Autumn dirt, then Winter mud, as we learnt to double-jump to ‘Gold Dust’,
’til my shins gave in and I graduated to hula hoop.

Still here
in the morning, at lunch, after dark, pulling my life in to the size of this circle.

One thing I learned

That sleeping in is okay as is
waking early, depending.

And want to remember

To pay attention
to the robin in the tree and this human,
in front of me.