Breathe In

Tracy Elizabeth Dougall


A poem to focus on the joy of nature at this difficult time. How it can bring a sense of peace, joy and improve our wellbeing during lockdown.

Walking through the forest,

Breathe in,

the air is fresh,

The birdsong warbles,

From trees above,

Singing blithely a contented song.

The path meanders,

Its journey of discovery,

Branches reaching,

Grasping the forest floor, Snowdrops dancing,

Gently in the wind,

Listening to leaves rustle and bustle.

Shifting light,

Every step newly discovered,

Sky beyond,

Clear blue hue, Trees colossal reaching the sky,

The main stem standing robustly proud.


Herbaceous vegetation,

Providing breath of air,

Oxygen needed,

Breath deep the air is clear,

The soul finds rest and peace here.

14th of September 2020

My hope is that we work harder on our human connections. We’ve had to rely heavily on digital means for work, study and socialization but I hope that through all we have been through this past year we’ve learned to appreciate each other and in the end focus on the betterment of our relationships.