Jagoda Zwiernik

I’d like to make a difference and show mental health awareness with my art work.I deeply believe we can make it through together but we need to look after each other.I would like to show in my art work how our reality was influenced by the pandemic, forced by external factors, social isolation and the chronic stress associated with it.
Our world has changed suddenly and our post-pandemic life will not be the same again. For many of us, it is connected with the necessity of difficult adaptation to new conditions, an uncertain future and a huge psychological burden. Often the main emotions that accompany us are anxiety, frustration and fatigue.
They reflect helplessness, the fear of disease that causes destruction and the uncertainty that accompanies us when we think about COVID-19.

The pandemic, which forced us to isolate in a sudden, radical way, showed us how difficult it is for us to limit the possibility of direct contact with other people so significantly. Perhaps we will learn this lesson and in the days after the epidemic is over, not only will we no longer look at others with fear, but we will again attach more value to nurturing interpersonal relationships. we can make it through together but we need to look after each other.Show interest to your long distance family member, a friend, neighbour.We live in social distance environment but we have still access to our mobile phones, internet. Send a. message, call! Show an interest.Help. Make a difference.