Lockdown Lurgy 5/7/20

Anne Dignan


The Lockdown Lassie’s sittin’ here
Writing her wee hert oot!
Fur yon’s aw tae spier.
Its bin a richt rum trauchle
“Shielded” frae the rich n’ famous
In yer wee local bauchle.
Are we in trainin’ fur the “Auld Folks Hame?”
Rubbish telly, “joe Wicks workouts” fut the seniors
It’s a cryin’ Shame!
Confined tae barracks, even of the “Solitary” kind,
Shoppin’ brocht intae ye?
Shoppin’ list aw wrang? I dinnae mind.
Like a bairn let loose in a sweetie shop,
We’re telt after a “magic date’
Goin oot fur exercise, I cannae wait!
Keepin oorsel’s safe is no big ask
But help ma Goad, I’m in bandit Country
Wash yer hands, sanitise and wear a mask!
Ye cannae hear whit folk’s are sayin!
So venturin’ oot’s no great fun
Are they laughing? Greetin? Or even prayin?
The rules are in a muckle guddle!
Whit exactly are we allowed to dae and when?
Cos the heids o’state cannae agree in a huddle!
Fancy cars, guid clathes, big hooses, material assets
A’can come and go
BUT releationships, memories shared and STRONGER than a diamond’s facets!
So here’s hopin’ my dearest friends
We’ve learnt some very important lessons
Lets a drink a toast tae the NIGHTMARES’ END!

Hope is what we shall always have
Opening the box to unleash the furies -
Pestilence, disease, No strike that
Perserverance, Patience and Progress
Evolution … we shall learn to adapt

Sept 20