Will Hewitt


While most film production ceased, especially fiction, documentaries had to duck and weave against the already present challenges of independent filmmaking. At the end of March our film ‘Long Live My Happy Head’ was in full production, the protagonist of which fell into the category of vulnerable people for shielding. We’ve been filming with full PPE, pointing the camera through apartment window panes with a step ladder and black-out curtains in order to get shots. Austen McCowan (Pictured) and I captured this image when we could finally shoot outside on the Isle of Harris once shielding was lifted.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the handshake is universally replaced with an elbow bump. The handshake is an unpredictable cause of social anxiety, it could be an uppy or a downy, or the dreaded ball and socket mistake when someone open handily shakes a fist bump.