Felicity Edwards



Spiralling in the conviction of change.

Noiseless pandemonium.

Ticking clock.

Tepid mug.

Maybe one day we’ll switch off the television,

But not right now.

Our hapless feast.

Consumptive media.

Gorge on headlines.

Eyes swallow.

Too full.

Regurgitate the fear.

The anxious brain extinguishes fires.

And uses the ashes to light new flames.

Look out the window.

Our lives are spider webs.

Magnificent and delicate,

Waiting for the first thread to break.

My own lightning in a thimble.

The first pour,

Cascades on that thin strand.

Reminding me,

How fragile we truly are.

The dark and terrifying aspects of this year have borne new discourses which may come to shape a better tomorrow. We engage in more discussions on race, mental illness, equality, poverty. Solidarity, compassion and strength has reverberated throughout the world during this crisis. Where there is vision, there is hope.