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View of Alloa

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View of Alloa About 1825

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  • Scottish Art
This very detailed watercolour shows the harbour at Alloa, a small town on the north bank of the River Forth. Williams's choice of subject was perhaps not incidental, for Alloa was the birthplace of his former drawing master, David Allan. This painting, of about 1825, illustrates the beginnings of industrial production in Scotland. The cone-shaped structures in the background were part of the Alloa glassworks. Williams included extraordinary detail, using his pen for fine elements such as wood planking and boat rigging, and dabs of colour to enhance smaller elements such as the boatmen's clothing. Williams made this picture on the spot, but he must have intended to develop it later, as he inscribed the sheet with detailed colour notes.

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Text written on a book, document or artwork. Examples include the added information such as edition number and date on a print, or a dedication written in a book.


A paint with colouring and binding agents diluted with water. It has a transparent quality and is usually applied to paper.

Inscription, Watercolour


  • Acc. No. D NG 358
  • Medium Watercolour and bodycolour over pencil with white heightening on paper
  • Size 17.60 x 26.70 cm
  • Credit Mrs Williams Gift 1860