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The Citadel of Namur, from a Bridge over the Sambre

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The Citadel of Namur, from a Bridge over the Sambre 1847

Not on display

  • Scottish Art
This is the negative of a picture that John Muir Wood took in a place he did not find particularly appealing. It is one of his 'failed' negatives which wouldn't have translated into a very good black and white print. Wood's interest in different chemistry and metals, as well as the natural difficulty of the process led to such 'failures' which nevertheless retain the accidental beauty of his compositions.

Glossary Open


The arrangement of different elements in a work of art.


Specifically a transparent material on which the tones and colours of a photograph are in reverse, from which a print is made. The term 'negative space' refers to the area around an object.

Composition, Negative


  • Acc. No. PGP W 76
  • Medium Calotype negative and uranium or cuprotype print
  • Size 12.20 x 15.10 cm
  • Credit Sir Alan Muir Wood Collection, presented 1985