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Isabella Burns, Mrs John Begg, 1771 - 1858. Youngest sister of Robert Burns
Mrs Elizabeth (Johnstone) Hall, Newhaven fishwife
Sandy (or James) Linton, his boat and bairns
Mrs Barbara (Johnstone) Flucker
St Andrews 1842
Mrs Anne (Palgrave) Rigby, 1777 - 1872
David Octavius Hill with his daughter, Charlotte
Two Newhaven fishwives, perhaps Mrs Elizabeth (Johnstone) Hall on the right
Rev. William Govan, 1804 - 1875. Missionary in South Africa
Hugh Miller, 1802 - 1856. Geologist and author
Mr Laing or Laine
Samuel Aitken. Bookseller and friend of Thomas Carlyle
Leith docks with the ship 'Cockburn' tied up
75 records in 5 pages | 12345