After the War

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Marino Marini

Marini often looked to classical art and texts for inspiration. This sculpture is based on Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and fruitfulness. However, instead of being a passive object of admiration, this figure is a thoroughly modern woman. Although she appears to be naked, the faint outline of a swimming costume, bathing cap, watch and a ring can be seen. Pomona was traditionally depicted with an apple in her hand. Here, her curvy figure suggests fertility and reflects her traditional role as goddess of fruitfulness, but she is presented to us primarily as an ordinary woman rather than as a goddess. Stepping forward, she suggests the increasingly active role contemporary women played in society.
  • Credits Presented by Lady Hay 1978
  • Medium Bronze
  • Size 170.00 x 80.50 x 58.00 cm
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Women's Suffrage

Most women in Britain were able to vote from 1918. Italian and French women were not granted the vote until 1945, while in Switzerland it came even later, in 1971.