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Funeral Parlour, London
© Photograph by Edith Tudor-Hart

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Funeral Parlour, London Photographed about 1935

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The 1930s witnessed a great expansion in commercial advertising in which photography proved to be an increasingly effective mechanism. Tudor-Hart produced some commercial images – in particular for the progressive toy manufacturer Abbatt Toys – although it remained a minor aspect of her work. However, like other modernist photographers of the era, she also frequently photographed signs and advertisements in the urban environment, everyday statements whose meaning might be subverted. Framed by the lens, the absurdity of this particular sales pitch is made explicit. In 1930s Britain even death becomes a commodity, its rituals regulated by price.


  • Acc. No. PGP 279.65B
  • Medium Modern silver gelatine print from archival negative
  • Size 30.20 x 30.10 cm
  • Credit Presented by Wolfgang Suschitzky 2004