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  • Evelyn George Carey
The Forth Bridge. Inchgarvie South Cantilver
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The Forth Bridge. Inchgarvie South Cantilver September 21st 1889 (print by Michael and Barbara Gray 2007)

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  • Scottish Art
The building of the Forth Bridge was celebrated in its day as “a triumph of engineering skill to eclipse the Ship Canal which has turned Africa into an island and a work which will reduce the pyramids to mere child’s play”. Following the disastrous collapse of the Tay Bridge in 1879, the engineers, John Fowler and Benjamin Baker, proposed a revolutionary design. The project was observed and controlled through photography. The official photographer was Evelyn George Carey, who was the assistant engineer from 1883-90. His pictures express the labour, tensions and hazards of the project. Together, his photographs create a sequence, following and examining the course of the construction with a critical eye, and offer an understanding of the later, Modernist fascination with such structures.

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  • Acc. No. PGP 383.22
  • Medium Digital inkjet print from negative
  • Size 46.40 x 58.00 cm (framed: 94.50 x 74.30 x 2.80 cm)
  • Credit Commissioned 2007