Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck has become internationally recognised for his unique realist sculptures that replicate the human figure with unrivalled technical skill. The powerful psychological range of Mueck’s sculpture focuses not only on universal experiences of birth, life and death but on emotional states such as isolation, fear and tenderness.

The three works in ARTIST ROOMS represent the scope of Mueck’s approach to the human condition, from the uneasy intimacy of Spooning Couple 2005, the vulnerability of the giant Wild Man 2005, and enigmatic half-smile in Mask III 2005.

Ron Mueck, Mask III, 2005

Mueck first became widely known for his sculpture Dead Dad, shown in the exhibition Sensation in 1997 (Royal Academy of Art, London). This sculpture was a half life-sized depiction of the artist's father. As with Dead Dad, the works in the ARTIST ROOMS collection play with scale: Spooning Couple is half life-sized, and Wild Man and Mask III are both larger than life-sized. Mueck's use of different scales would not be considered strange within the conventions of painting but has a particularly strong effect in this realist sculpture. It is part of the artist’s relationship with his subject and the meaning of the work.

Ron Mueck, Wild Man, 2005
Ron Mueck, Spooning Couple 2005