Mindfulness and Art | British Sign Language (BSL) video

Join educator and mindfulness practitioner, Trudi Collier for a series of short videos in British Sign Language that have been commissioned by the National Galleries of Scotland. In these films, Trudi will introduce the health benefits of mindfulness and how it can improve mental wellbeing.

Reflecting on various artworks in the collection, Trudi will explore the connections between mindfulness and art and show how contemplating artworks can offer an escape from the pressure of modern living by providing an opportunity to reflect and slow down.

What is mindfulness?

In this first video, Trudi will introduce the concept of mindfulness and invite us to contemplate Olive Trees by Vincent Van Gogh.

Subtitles may be turned on/off by using the toolbar at the bottom of the video screen. You can also adjust subtitle size, and video quality by clicking on the settings tab at the bottom of the screen.

Coming soon

Trudi will be posting new videos in the coming weeks so check back as she looks at Mindfulness and art and Meditation.

In the meantime you can follow Trudi's recommendation to...

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