Elizabeth Blackadder Flowers on an Indian Cloth 1965 © Royal Scottish Academy. All rights reserved. Bridgeman Images 2023


Born 1931
Died 2021
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Falkirk

Painter and printmaker Elizabeth Blackadder was born in Falkirk. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art under William Gillies, and lectured at the college from 1962 until her retirement in 1986. In 1956 she married fellow artist John Houston. Blackadder was well known for her delicate paintings of flowers and still life subjects, however, she also painted landscapes and portraits. She painted with both oils and watercolour, but used the latter most frequently as it was well suited to conveying her sensitive brushwork. Regular trips abroad, particularly to Japan, helped stimulate her interest in colour and pattern.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


A printmaking technique using a stone or zinc plate to which the image is applied with a greasy material. After wetting the plate, greasy ink is applied. The ink sticks only to the drawn image and not the wet surface, thus creating a reproduction when applied to paper.