Ron Mueck Spooning Couple 2005 © Ron Mueck


Born 1958
Nationality Australian
Birth place Melbourne

Mueck gained international recognition in 1997 for his sculpture Dead dad which was part of the infamous Young British Artists Sensation exhibition, devoted to the work of young British artists, at London’s Royal Academy. Mueck’s sculptures are all of the human figure, some smaller than life-size, some larger. In them he aims to capture the feeling of key moments in our passage through life. With their uncanny realism and minute detail, Mueck shocks us into reassessing ourselves. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Mueck began his career as a model-maker and puppeteer in childrens’ TV. In 1986 he moved to London and ten years later he devoted himself to making ‘fine’ art. In 2001 he exhibited the colossal Untitled (Boy) at the Venice Biennale.