The Regatta by Stanley Cursiter art print

The Regatta by Stanley Cursiter art print


Art print featuring artwork The Regatta by Stanley Curstiter, 1913

This is one of seven paintings Cursiter produced in a style inspired by the Italian Futurists, whose work he had probably seen in London the previous year. In Cursiter's variant of Futurism, the forms are not overly fragmented and are therefore still recognisable. The impact of the picture is due primarily to the sails, which take up three quarters of the painting. For the sky, Cursiter has used dabs of different-coloured paint placed closely together, recalling post-impressionist techniques. Cursiter's flirtation with Futurism was brief, and by 1914 he had returned to a more traditional type of painting.

From the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland, GMA 3034

Museum Fine Art paper 280gsm, a gently textured etching paper particularly suited to giclee reproductions of artworks and paintings, ideal for premium colour and monochrome print

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