The Nation//Live Exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

5 October 2013 – 6 May 2014

Featuring the five community projects that address major historical themes in Scottish history, our exhibition is centred on Daniel Warren’s documentary film. The film traces the course of each project and features the voices of those who have taken part in the initiative as they recount their views and what history means to them. As a record of ordinary Scots attempts to make sense of the country’s past and its implications for the future at a decisive time in the nation’s existence the film and exhibition are vital viewing. Regional differences and distinct historical trajectories - the ravages of de-industrialisation (Clydebank), the complexities of being British (Inverness), continuities of belief (Isle of Skye), the divisiveness of religious conflict (Dumfries and Galloway), and the hybrid creativity of a multicultural Scotland (Roots) – all add up to a fascinating, discursive retelling of the national narrative.