Jitka Hanzlová

  • 17th October 2012 − 3rd February 2013 | Scottish National Portrait Gallery | Admission Free



‘In Jitka’s pictures there is no welcome. They have been taken from the inside. The deep inside of a forest, perceived like the inside of a glove by a hand within it’. - John Berger

Forest continues Hanzlová’s cycle of work about the village where she grew up. She returns to the forest of her childhood and the experiences of her youth. For Hanzlová, the forest has a powerful existential quality – as life source, as the darkness in which we sometimes find ourselves and from which we emerge into the light. For her the forest is critical to human survival, for the exchange of oxygen, the cultivation of flora and fauna and the growth of micro-organisms. These photographs do not so much describe the forest as experience it. They are taken, as Berger writes, from the inside and are shaped by the forest’s organic silence.


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