Cells | The Smallest of All Portraits

  • 29th October 2012 − 3rd February 2013 | Scottish National Portrait Gallery | Admission Free

Enter the lab to discover microscopic portraits, engage with debates about cell science and identity and find out more about cells – the smallest and most amazing of all portraits in this collaborative visual art and science project.

Pupils from James Gillespies and Penicuik High Schools, the National Galleries of Scotland and The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh worked together on this experimental learning project centring on the Pioneers of Science exhibition. It includes photographs of the Roslin scientists who created Dolly the Sheep as well as Dolly’s death mask.

Cells presents a series of eye-opening and thought-provoking artworks that pupils have created in response to their research, under the guidance of professional scientists and artists. The resulting works pose universal questions such as, who am I? and challenge what portraiture can be in the 21st Century.