ARTIST ROOMS | Celmins, Gallagher, Hirst, Katz, Martin, Warhol, Woodman

  • 14th March − 8th November 2009 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | Free

The Show

The ARTIST ROOMS display at the Gallery of Modern Art is dedicated to Vija Celmins’ ethereal images of seas, deserts and the night sky, a complete series of landscape and portrait paintings by Alex Katz, and Francesca Woodman’s intimate, surrealist-influenced photographs.  Photographs by Warhol and paintings by Ellen Gallagher will also be included.

Damien Hirst will feature in an expanded display, which will bring together works from ARTIST ROOMS – such as the iconic Away from the Flock and a recent butterfly painting – with additional loans from further collections.

In an exciting addition to the exhibition, a further room opens on 6 August dedicated to the work of the influential American abstract artist Agnes Martin. Three ARTIST ROOMS works are featured alongside five more lent by a private collection, providing a rare opportunity to experience at first-hand the beauty of Martin’s minimalist painting.



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