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  • 28th November 2009 − 28th February 2010 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | Admission free

David Schutter

The American painter David Schutter's five after NGS C paintings take as their source Siméon Chardin's 1750s still life A Vase of Flowers.

In these five paintings we are only aware of a ghostly suggestion of the flowers in the vase. Otherwise the paintings seem to be abstract. They are to all intents and purposes grey monochromes.

Schutter does not set out to make grey paintings. In fact, he uses a lot of colour in his work and is intensely aware of the colours in the paintings that he uses as his “models”. In A Vase of Flowers, Chardin used only five colours. Schutter uses the same palette in his five “rehearsals”, but arrives at grey as he tones down the colours.

Each of the five paintings that he made after the Chardin is another attempt to come close to the “original”.

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