Tracey Emin | 20 Years

  • 2nd August − 9th November 2008 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | £6 (£4)


One of the themes running throughout Emin’s work is pregnancy. Told by a doctor that she was unlikely ever to bear children, she nevertheless fell pregnant and had an abortion in 1990. Following this traumatic episode she destroyed all her previous work and stopped painting for several years.

She did however continue making monoprints in the 1990s, many of which focus on the theme of abortion. Works of the late 1990s deal with the theme of motherhood: the video Conversation with my Mum 2001, is a discussion between Emin and her mother about whether or not she should have children. It is a theme which recurred in Emin’s art as she entered her late thirties.


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